BELLEVUE – The Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) and UnleashWA hosted an online Straw Poll in the 8th Congressional District to gauge the feelings of voters towards the six Congressional candidates currently filed with the Federal Election Commission. 1,267 verified registered voters in the new 8th Congressional District cast ballots in the straw poll. Voting was open from April 24th to May 6th. The straw poll was primarily promoted to Republican and Independent voters but was open to any registered voter in the 8th.

The results of this Straw Poll place Reagan Dunn (R) in the lead with 36% and Jesse Jensen (R) close behind at 30%.  Matt Larkin (R) garnered 16% of the straw poll while Scott Stephenson (R) claimed 10%.  Kim Schrier (D) gathered 7%, and independent Justin Greywolf showed up at 1%. Voters who were not registered to vote or who were registered outside the 8th district were not included in the total vote count.

Total Results:

 Reagan Dunn45336%
 Jesse Jensen37630%
 Matt Larkin19816%
 Scott Stephenson12910%
 Kim Schrier857%
 Justin Greywolf151%

The WSRP issued the following statement in response to the 8th Congressional District Straw Poll results:

“The Washington State Republican Party has never done anything like this project before. This enthusiastic response with high voter participation shows that voters are motivated to enact change. The Democrats’ failed policies have given us sky-high inflation, a struggling economy, and rising crime. We have a terrific opportunity to flip the 8th Congressional District and elect a Republican to bring new leadership to our state,” Chairman Caleb Heimlich said.

UnleashWA founder Brian Heywood added, “In a recent statewide poll, we found that only 16% of respondents felt like their voice was heard while 71% indicated ‘not so much.’  This frustration can lead to voter apathy and discouragement.  This straw poll is part of our effort to help improve awareness and increase participation in the democratic process.  We are happy to see the engagement through the straw poll and are looking forward to a robust turnout in the primary and general elections.”